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The Martian

The Martian - Andy Weir I hate when I finish a book that no one I know IRL has read, which btw is more often than not. It's frustrating because I want to talk about the book but no one knows what book I'm talking about. And when I recommend a favorite book to people I know they tell me it's not something they'd be interested in.

Fast-forward three or four years later: these exact same people tell me about THE EXACT SAME BOOK, and insist I read it. Because they're assholes who wait until a book is famous before they give it any attention.

Well, the tables have been turned. Now I am the asshole who gave attention to a book once it finally became a best seller.

My review: great book. Five stars. Read it now if you haven't read it yet.

Pro tip: maybe avoid this book if you can't science or math. I keep reading reviews about how technical and science-y this book is. Truth is the science is dumbed down to a pretty basic level so a broader audience can understand what is going on, but still many people complain about how difficult it is to understand.