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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black Years ago, when I was still into reading vampire everything, I picked up a vampire anthology. Most of the contributions were from popular YA authors. Many of the stories were punishing in that they brought nothing new to the table, but Holly Black's offering was so good I felt genuine disappointment it wasn't a novel.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is based on that short story.

I wish I had more enthusiasm for CGiC as this is what I wanted, a novelization of the short story, but I can only admit to barely liking it enough to give it three stars. That's not a bad thing, obviously, it's just that I wanted to love it.

The universe in which this story takes place is interesting, though it doesn't totally work for me. Maybe it's the 'coldtown' where the majority of the story takes place, but I never fully bought it. The main character is tolerable enough though the people she's surrounded by are mostly insufferable. Her sister sucks, period.

MC is special because reasons so she becomes a marysue about halfway into the story. The plot is predictable as well.

Not trying to be spoilery, but the ending is somewhat ambiguous and though we know what the character wants I didn't walk away feeling she'd be victorious in her endeavor because she doesn't develop throughout the book.

You know what? Upon further reflection Imma have to downgrade this to a 2-star read. It was only okay. I don't think I'd recommend this book to anyone.