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Partials - Dan Wells Quick Review: Almost four stars. Maybe... I think. Because the second half totally made up for the fact that I couldn't stand most of the first half. It's a pretty compelling story, even if it went the forcing-teenagers-to-get-knocked-up route. It does what most YA dystopia fails at: requires the reader to think for herself by raising some questions that don't necessarily have easy answers. The obligitory love story is present but for once we have a girl who isn't stupid in love as her love life, or possible lack thereof, has nothing to do with the major conflict. The lack of angst is refreshing.

Whether or not there will be a love triangle is yet to be seen, though I'm pretty sure there will be a love triangle of sorts in the upcoming book. And, honestly? Whoever the protagonist picks will be fine.

Dan Wells knows how to write a teenage girl although, at times, he takes it a little too far, like when the protagonist is talking about the "flirty" section in her closet. What teenage girl actually has a flirty section in her closet? Sounds like something he read about in YM or Cosmo Girl. Fortunately Wells doesn't overdo it too much, especially after the story takes off.

Some of the best lines in this book belong to the protagonist's boyfriend. That guy is seriously funny, and in the same way I remember teenage guys being way back when I was a youngin'.

Anyway, pretty good book. Check it out if you're looking for the next great YA Dystopia.<-----yes, as of today I consider this the next Hunger Games. Is it as addicting as the Hunger Games? Not so much, but it's still a great story. And it features an intelligent, confident, independent protagonist. <br/>
Real review to be posted soon.

P.S. it needs to be said: the only thing that truly bugged the crap out of me is the extreme overuse of the word 'Kudzu'. Though I do not drink, I imagine one would get insanely drunk by taking a shot every time the word 'kudzu' comes up. Kudzu kudzu kudzu kudzu kudzu.