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Love You Forever

Love You Forever - Robert Munsch, Sheila McGraw I really liked this book when I was a teenager reading it to a room full of 2-year-olds (I worked at a daycare when I was in HS). The kids really liked it, and when you discover something that causes a room full of toddlers to sit still for more then a minute you embrace it. Admittedly, as a teen, there were times when I would get a little choked up reading Love You Forever--teenage me was a bit of a sap.

Now this book just weirds me out. Remember: I'm a mother of three.

On the surface this is a cute, sentimental, sob-inducing children's book. But when you look deeper--I know it's a kids book, but still, work with me here--you find a semi-creepy relationship between mother and son. Don't get me wrong, I completely relate to what the young mother is going through--kids kinda suck when they're little, which is why God made them cute. There are nights when my husband and I gaze at our sleeping angels and smile. With relief--because the adorable little monsters, whom we love very much, are finally asleep. Sleeping kids are great. They look so innocent and sweet, not likely to play in toilets, draw on walls, ask 'why?' every time you tell them something, throw a fit every night at the dinner table. And so on.

I can see why a mother would take a sleeping little angel in her arms and tell him that she "loves (him) forever, she loves (him) for always. As long as (she's) living, (her) baby (he'll) be." There are times when I'm tempted to do the same, really. There is a chance I have done that, just so you know. But at some point boundaries need to be put in place. Plus, this poor mother has literally NOTHING ELSE going on in her life. Look at the pictures on her walls after the boy grows up and moves away. They are all of the boy. No friends, no family. No relationships with anyone else. Just the boy--That's it. Kinda sad, don't you think?

Plus, when you get married, you let go of your parents. And in return, your parents cut the apron strings. Sure they totally still love you but, like I said earlier: boundaries! So, while the idea of the aging mom driving across town and sneaking into her married son's house in order to cuddle with him, is sort of a cute one, it's also really creepy--Again, I totally know this is a kids book, but still.

My point is: this woman needs a friggin' hobby, stat. Her life shouldn't revolve so entirely around her child. That's just unhealthy for both the mother and the child. Plus, I'd love to know what her son's wife has say about the whole situation. Maybe the mother could start playing canasta with the neighborhood Olds, or join a book club. Also, it wouldn't hurt if she formed other relationships, maybe get a boyfriend or something. Just sayin'.