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Blood Red Road

Blood Red Road - Moira Young If you're looking for the next Hunger Games, this is probably the closest you're going to get. I wouldn't say I really liked this book--because, quite frankly, the main character got on my nerves way more then Katniss ever did. I'm going to go ahead and give it four stars because next to The Hunger Games series Blood Red Road is the best YA dystopia I've read.

Actually I sort of take that back. Blood Red Road ranks right up there with Ship Breaker as far as YA dystopias go. Both books held my interest, had decent world building and were well written. It's just, for me, neither had that unputdownable quality that The Hunger Games had. Also, I feel the author took shortcuts all over the place in order to focus on the romance.

Speaking of: the romance was a little obnoxious at times. Moira Young was trying to create the sort of epic romance that's rife with sexual tension and antagonism--what I refer to as the Han Solo/Princess Leia special. I feel Young went overboard in this area. But then again romance-heavy stories never were my thing so there's a good chance Blood Red Road will charm the pants off most readers.

The one thing that made me wanna go on a stabbing spree? The adorable little sister Emmi. Don't get me wrong she served a very important purpose in the first half of this book, but after that her presence is completely unnecessary. And it's not like they had to bring her along. Jack, the love interest, insists upon it. All sorts of bad stuff happens because of her. Stuff that served no purpose whatsoever besides irritating the crap out of me and the MC, Saba.

That said, most people seem to like Emmi. I'm just weird in that I don't like too many unnecessary characters mucking up the storyline. I know--nitpick much.

I have more to say but this will have to do for now--stuff to do!