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Defiance - Lili St. Crow, Lilith Saintcrow Freaking retarded ending. Dru is a moron. Not sure if I care to finish the series anymore. I might, if I find out it all ends badly. For Dru. Like, Sergei would have to drink every drop of Dru's precious svetocha blood then toss her corpse into the Hudson.

I'd totally read that.

Because that would be infinitely more interesting than where this story is obviously headed.

P.S. I thought it was super neat that Dru started crying when she discovered she's finally pretty. Because that's what really matters: Physical beauty. None of that other stuff that comes with svetocha blooming is cool, especially not all that useless super strength or speed. Not to mention the ability to kill vampires by just by breathing on them. All that butch, action-packed adventure-y, lifesaving stuff is laaaaaaame. I mean, what girl wants the ability to protect herself when a guy could do the job? And when you're pretty, and have large breasts, every guy wants to protect you. YAY for PHYSICAL BEAUTY!

P.P.S. Just because I don't like this book doesn't mean you won't. You'll probably love it. So read it or whatever, I don't care.