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Hunt the Moon

Hunt the Moon - Karen Chance Enjoyed this installment of the Cassandra Palmer series but, as with all the other books in this series, some of the scenes ran entirely too long--way too much detail. Usually that sort of thing doesn't bother me but Hunt the Moon kept me in anticipation way longer then I could handle. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of Mircea, especially how he handles himself in this book. So I gave myself permission to do something I never do (and I really mean never). That's right, I totally skipped entire paragraphs at a time. Sometimes multiple paragraphs & entire pages.

You know what I missed by doing so? Absolutely nothing. Because the only parts I skipped were the parts with Mircea. for what it's worth I noticed that he did open up a little more about his family. But because I've read the spin-off series--Dorina Basarab--I already know his history. So, no big revelations as far as I'm concerned. Also, HE NEVER TELLS CASSIE THAT HE HAS A DAUGHTER! When is that little nugget of information going to be revealed? Never? I did, however, learn that Mircea talks too much & most of Mircea's and Cassie's conversations--when they actually take the time to speak to each other--are about control. Also, whenever Cassandra is talking to Mircea, she's wondering what he's up to, what his ulterior motive is--Wow, Cassie sure knows how to pick 'em. Way boring. And dysfunctional*.

I mean, really, are we supposed to enjoy the time they spend in each others company? The time they're actually speaking to one another, I mean? I'm not sure if Karen Chance is just trying to make a stronger case for Pritkin or if I'm actually supposed to enjoy the whole Cassie/Mircea pairing--I don't, in case anyone was wondering.

The worst part is Mircea is out of town for most of this book yet he still manages to sully a good portion of Hunt the Moon's pages--I'd say one-third, at least.

Otherwise the story arc, character development, etc were great. Everything I loved about the other Cassie Palmer books are back. The great one liners and so-absurd-they're-awesome scenarios are back, too.

And of course Pritkin is back. *sigh* Pritkin. (for the record: I spent the first two books hating his guts/hoping he'd die. Mircea just fell out of my favor a few books back and that sneaky Pritkin started to grow on me). Cassie and Pritkin still have an interesting relationship that, even by the end of Hunt the Moon, has no real definition. I'd say they were just friends, because, despite all the sexual tension, they're wanting to keep it that way. But then you take that friendship and compare it to Cassie's friendship with Marco, or any other character, and it is incredibly clear: what they have is much more then a mere friendship.

Undefined relationship status aside? I love each and every scene that feature these two together. Their working relationship, their partnership, is as fun as it ever was. Same goes for their conversations--vair entertaining. Pritkin and Cassie spend a little more time talking about their pasts--Pritkin shares a doozy with Cassie.

There is also a few new characters. One of these new characters happens to be Cassie's mother. Exciting, no?

Part of me wants to give this more stars--because I really liked it--but I can only give it 3.5 stars.


*Look, I understand 'dysfunctional' is the new 'twuuu wuvvv', particularly in urban fantasy, but it's not really my bag. Sure there are messed up UF couples that I actually enjoy--Kate & Curran--but those couples actually speak to one another about a wide variety of subjects; aren't limited to the topic of control which ultimately leads to "hero" bedding heroine.<-----in a series this scenario can only happen so many times (*cough*TWICE!*cough*) before jumping the shark.