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Paranormalcy - Kiersten White I finished this in the tail-end of October. And you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Kiersten White knows how to write a fun YA paranormal novel, which I'd say is a major accomplishment in and of itself, especially these days. But she also managed to make a Marysue incredibly likable. That's right I actually like the Marysue MC. Very much so. And she doesn't even feel like a Marysue, but totally is.

So Kiersten White? Must be a witch, or maybe she sold her soul to the devil, because she's somehow made the impossible possible. I'm willing to admit that, chances are, Kiersten White just knows how to write, unlike most writers of YA paranormal novels these days. I also think she must have a good editor and a publisher that refuses to print the same-old regurgitated garbage. So kudos to them. And I'll be keeping Kiersten White on my radar.

Four stars.