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Magic Bleeds

Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews Five Stars. Yeah, I know. In a few of my reviews I've made a point of reiterating what all goodreads users should already know: five stars means 'amazing', so use that rating wisely. I've prided myself in being stingy with that all-important fifth star, awarding it to classics or really fantastic contemporary literature, the sort that makes one think, and is deserving of such praise.

Now here I am, giving an urban fantasy novel that--if I'm being honest--has a terrible cover (and don't even get me started on the covers of the other books in this series), five stars just one week after I gave five stars to a book about zombies. You're probably thinking I'm being overly-generous, and in this specific case you're probably right. I mean, for starters, this series isn't for everyone. And, no, this book didn't 'blow me away' but I still think it's amazing.

Why? Because as of late I've been incredibly disappointed with almost all the newest installments to all the series' that I've been reading(quick question: what is the plural of series?). In fact I'm already thisclose to completely giving up on all series in favor of standalones. I'm tired of getting interested in a series that--after all is said and done--peaked during the first or second novel because the author just didn't have it in her to take what should of been a standalone and make it into a really good series.

Back to my point: there are very few authors that haven't failed me in this way. Ilona Andrews is one of those authors.

When I read the Kate Daniels series I don't feel like I'm banging my head up against the wall. The plot and all the characters have evolved/progressed in a rational/clearly well thought out way during the first four books of this series. So far there haven't been any filler books--which I find incredibly infuriating, btw--in this series.

More review to come... (Don't look at me that way. I've got kids to take care of and I can't concentrate when they're interrupting me ever other minute.)

(posted May 17, 2010) Looky what I got:


My newest bestest goodreads pal Laura told me she got a copy of Magic Bleeds the other day at her local Borders bookstore, and that I should see if my local store has it. Skeptical--yet hopeful--I ran to my local Borders, and whaddayaknow I found this beautiful book on the shelves--one whole week before it's supposed to be. *does happy dance* *dies* *reanimates*

So. Yeah. I'm gonna go read this. Now.