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Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Kitty and the Midnight Hour - Carrie Vaughn I've been aware of this series for a little over a year now, but I had no intention of ever picking up any book in this series. I mean, look at the cover: a curvy chick with a tramp stamp--super classy. And don't even get me started on the the title. The premise? A werewolf named Kitty who has a late night radio talk show. About supernatural critters. Really??? It has Trashy Urban Fantasy written all over it, and while I loves me a good urban fantasy, I do have my limits.

And then by chance, I came across Ceridwen's Drunk Book Review of Kitty and the Midnight Hour. Though her review is full of hilarious drunken digressions, it's actually quite poignant. Anyway, because of Ceridwen's review, and the complete lack of anything else to read (seriously, what is up with the lack of book releases in January?), I finally picked up Kitty and the Midnight Hour. And, you know what? I'm glad I did.

Cover art and title aside, this book is actually one of the best urban fantasy novels I've read in quite a while. It is leaps and bounds better then the Anita Blake series(I couldn't force myself to read through the first book in the series) or even the Rachel Morgan/Hallows series (I also couldn't get through the first book in this series), both are actually quite popular and highly recommended. For the life of me I don't know why. They are truly dreadful.

The characterization in this series is quite good. It is clear Carrie Vaughn had a full understanding of who her characters were before she started writing, which I fully appreciate. Kitty is flawed, but she doesn't have the typical flaws bestowed upon most protagonists in this genre. Yes, she has quite a lot of baggage and is struggling with her identity, but there are special circumstances that make her situation that much more unique, and therefore interesting.

All the back stories were fully developed and interesting as well.

Yes, there are a few plot holes, one in particular got under my skin, but it wasn't enough for me to give up on the book; I hand-waved it since it is her first published work (I think). And anyway, by that time I was already invested in the story. Besides, I've read much, much worse.

Contrary to what the cover suggests, this book isn't plastered with ridiculous, disgusting, gratuitous sex scenes. That is not to say there aren't sex scenes in this book, because there are--one or two, if I remember correctly--it's just that they serve a purpose. And the sex scenes in this book aren't descriptive. If anything I'd say they're well-written fade to black type sex scenes. And no ridiculous/icky/dirty names are used for what few body parts are mentioned.

I'm struggling with how many stars I've given this book--because of the plot holes and a few other little things--but it deserves more then three stars; I really like this book. A lot.

Oh, and, in case anyone was wondering, this is a quick read. I finished it in less then a day.