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Touch the Dark

Touch the Dark - Karen Chance Cassandra Palmer was raised by vampires and can see ghosts. She also happens to be clairvoyant. Cassandra knows little about who her real parents are, but when she was fourteen she had a vision about how her parents died. It turns out the powerful master vampire who raised her had them killed when she was little. When Cassie learned the truth she ran away and went into hiding.

At the beginning of Touch the Dark, we learn Cassie has been on the run for ten years.

Just when twenty-four-year-old Cassie is starting to feel settled she discovers Tony's henchmen are close by, forcing her to skip town. Before leaving she decides to warn her roommate Tomas to not go back to their apartment for a couple of days.

After finding Tomas, Cassie and Tomas are attacked by four very scary master vampires. During the attack Cassie learns there is much she didn't know about Tomas. Anyway, this all goes down in the first few chapters.

I like Cassie. She's one of few urban fantasy protagonists that doesn't tick me off. She's no Kate Daniels but she's still awesome. And I appreciate her sense of humor.

This is a total chick novel (btw, there are a few sexual scenes but it's not harlequin romance novel bad, just regular adult fiction type bad and can easily be skipped) but with a fun fantasy/adventure twist.