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Catching Fire

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins Before I even picked up this book I knew, since this is the second book in a trilogy, how it was going to end. Obviously, I didn't know exactly how it would end, because seriously, it would be impossible to anticipate all the plot twists in this novel. But this is what I knew: a) this book would not have any sort of resolution, b) the conflict would, in fact, be much worse then I could ever imagine, and c) I would be left wanting more.

You know what? I was right. Collins does a fantastic job keeping the reader interested in her story. Catching Fire is a wonderful follow-up to The Hunger Games. I feel the plot was much more exciting and much better paced than The Hunger Games, which, I feel, tends to lag a little (I can't believe I just said that).

Sure, I have a few hang-ups with this particular novel--can I just say that I am really, really tired of love triangles? Because, seriously, I always, without fail, root for the underdog and end up bitterly disappointed (though based on the cliff-hanger ending, I'm not sure which guy is the underdog...but, I'm pretty sure my guy is since I feel compelled to root for him)--but I'm still going to read the next book.

Probably even go to a midnight release party or something equally, dare I say, sad for someone my age. Because, I'm hooked. Because, I have to know how this story ends. Because, I can't not know if Katniss has a change of heart.

HUGE SPOILER ALERT!!! Read only if you've already read the book. Seriously, I mean it. You've been warned! SPOILER ALERT:

Gale? Really??? I mean, come on! I suppose I would like him more if we knew more about him. But seriously, what's wrong with Peeta? Okay, so he's sort of a pussy in the arena, and chances are Katniss may never see him alive again (I'm being optimistic and thinking he'll escape or, more realistically, be rescued) and sure President Snow might use Peeta against Katniss or even brainwash him against the resistance, but I could swear Katniss is actually in love with HIM and not Gale. She's not even sure if she's in love with Gale. I sort of think she's picking Gale because of their history. And sure, they have a lot in common...but still.

P.S. http://www.hogwartsprofessor.com/the-hunger-games-pearl-plot-version-2-0/

Read it, tell me what you think.