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Spy Glass (Opal Cowan Trilogy - Book 3) (Glass Trilogy)

Spy Glass (Opal Cowan Trilogy - Book 3) (Glass Trilogy) - Maria V. Snyder Quick review: Opal Cowan, glassmaker, "one trick wonder" and victim extraordinaire, spends the majority of the first two Glass books helping others, rehashing traumatic experiences, sparring or traveling from one place to another.

At practically every single village she visits, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, she's beaten, or falsely imprisoned, or tortured, or kidnapped. The girl just can't catch a break--people want to steal her magic, or, you know, just want her to die. But resourceful girl that she is, Opal always manages to get out of sticky situations, somehow.

Along the way she picks up a couple of suitors: Kade, a powerful stormdancer with the personality of a dead fish and a never ending supply of weather analogies; Ulrick, a handsome, extremely overprotective glassmaker who lacks confidence, integrity, and any significant amount of magic; and Devlin, a good-looking former blood magic addict, *whispers* who used to torture Opal, and, switched souls with a (very willing) Ulrick in order to seduce Opal, *whisper mumbling* and then kidnap and torture her further. And then fall in love with her. And then save her life. And save her friends lives. And then apologize to Opal for all the horrid things he did to her. And finally turn himself into the authorities, after giving Opal a gift. And a kiss. (BTW, at some point Opal drains Devlin of all his magic. I just can't remember when).

All caught up now? Good.

In Spy Glass, the final installment in the Glass series, Opal is mourning the loss of her magic, which she sacrificed in order to save the day at the end of Sea Glass. Ever since then she hasn't been the same, feels as though she's lost her whole identity. Instead of accepting a lifetime without magic, Opal decides she's going to get it back.

At one point, Opal pays Devlin a visit in prison in order to question him about blood magic, and if he knows if any of the blood taken from her, before she lost her magic, is preserved and hidden somewhere. While meeting with the newly reformed Devlin, Opal discovers she has extremely mixed feelings about him. On one hand, she know she can't trust him, he still terrifies her. And on the other, she feels drawn to him because he too has been stripped of all his magic. He understands what she's going through when no one else does. Also, he's changed so much, is humble and repentant.

On top of everything, Opal is trying to decide if she wants to spend the rest of her life with Kade, the storm dancer.

Lots of drama ensues.

Sounds like a great series, right? ;) Okay, so I'm not being completely fair, I made it sound so much worse then it actually is. It's not that bad. Although it's not that good either. That being said, I still like Maria V. Snyder's Glass series. Yeah, I like it. Why? I can't say why. Really, I can't.

Overall the series was satisfying in a way I just can't seem to pinpoint. Maybe I like my protagonists to be beaten bloody on regular basis. Or maybe I, on some level or other, like dysfunctional relationships. I don't know. I just know that I like how this series wrapped up. So, yeah. Three stars.

Quick question containing a *spoiler*:

When did Devlin supposedly rape Opal? Everyone keeps saying Devlin raped Opal but I don't remember that ever happening. Are they referring to the time that he did a soul transfer with Ulrick, so he could seduce Opal? You know, the time they had consensual sex--which, if we're being honest here, wasn't an unpleasant experience for either of them (at the time). If that's what everyone is talking about, and I think it is, I'm going to disagree. He didn't rape her. He deceived her. He tricked her. Lied to her. And, yeah, it was a completely evil a-hole thing to do. But he never raped her.