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The Marbury Lens

The Marbury Lens - Andrew Smith This was a difficult book for me to read. It deals with a lot of hard-hitting issues. Issues which are seldom, if ever, addressed in YA fiction. At times it made me quite uncomfortable. But I continued reading because it was the sort of book one can't easily put down--I knew I'd never forgive myself if I didn't finish it.

The Marbury Lens drew me in and spit me out, and I liked it--the entire frightening journey. I liked it.

Unfortunately I cannot give this book four or five stars, like many others have. At best I can give this book three and a half stars. Yes, The Marbury Lens is quite good, but I didn't 'really like it', nor did I think it was amazing, despite the fact that Smith's Marbury Lens crosses over into--as far as I know--uncharted territory in YA fiction. There are parts of this book which are genuinely amazing, but overall I just like this book, nothing more.

I admire Andrew Smith for daring to go where so many authors have not. It is a bold move on his part, and I truly do admire him for making it.

I hope this book's success inspires other authors and other publishers to consider writing/publishing books that delve into this territory some more. Also, the whole 'bro-mance' angle is quite intriguing. Hoping to read more bro-mances in the future.